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To start meditating you will need to choose a time and a place where it’s unlikely that you’ll be disturbed for at least the length of your meditation session. It’s not the end of the world if you are disturbed, but it’s better if you’re not.

When you start out meditating, pick a length of time. Say 10 or 15 or even 20 minutes. This will be the length of your meditation session. If you’re using a pre-recorded guided meditation then that will determine the length of your meditation session.

Many people find that picking a time first thing in the morning, before all the other “important” things get in the way of their meditation, is good. Other people like the calming sense induced by doing their meditation before they go to sleep. Whatever works best for you is good. After a while, you may even decide to treat yourself to a couple of meditation sessions each day.

Like most things in life, it’s important to make your meditation a habit. Like any new habit, chances are that the first few sessions will involve reminding yourself to meditate. Then, gradually, like cleaning your teeth, meditation will start to become part of your daily routine.

Steps to meditating:

• Choose a meditation method. Most people start with something like a guided meditation or a walking meditation.

• Choose a time and place when you are not likely to be disturbed.

• Choose somewhere you feel comfortable and can relax.

That’s all!

By Trevor John